EasyModbusTCP .NET - Server

Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/easymodbustcpserver


Modbus-TCP Server Simulator and Library (.dll) for .NET and JAVA implementations

  • For Connection to Modbus TCP or Modbus UDP Client.
  • Server listens at port 502 (can be changed).
  • Shows also Protocol informations.
  • Allows Multiple connections
  • Supported Function codes can be disabled
  • Platform independent

Digital Inputs; Coils; Input Registers and Holding Registers can be viewed and changed in a table-view


Supports function-codes:

FC 01: Read Coils 
FC 02: Read Discrete Inputs 
FC 03: Read Holding Registers 
FC 04: Read Input Registers 
FC 05: Write Single Coil 
FC 06: Write Single Register 
FC 15: Write Multiple Coils 
FC 16: Write Multiple Registers