PLCLogger news

New at Version V0.61:

  • Bugfixes

New at Version V0.60:

  • Some Bugfixes
  • Data evaluation in the "tools" menu

New at Version V0.59:

  • Modbus Server Simulator supports Modbus UDP
  • Possibility to set bookmarks

New at Version V0.57:

  • Modbus UDP supported
  • Configurations can be edited from connection manager
  • Selected configuration keeps selected after starting or stopping data capturing

New at Version V0.56:

  • Integration of EasyModbusTCP Server Simulator in "Tools" Menue to establish trial-connection to localhost
  • Measures to speed up Modbus-TCP connection Wizard
  • Modbus-Addresses shifted by "-1" to meet Modbus specification

New at Version V0.55:

  • Store 32-Bit Values with Modbus-TCP Connection (2 Input-Registers or 2 Holding-Registers)

New at Version V0.54:

  • Manage multiple connections using Connection-manager
  • View connection status
  • some Bugfixes

New at Version V0.53:

  • Access to OPC-DA Servers
  • optionally log. data in MySQL-Database
  • some Bugfixes

New at Version V0.50:

  • Exportfunction to Excel (.CSV)
  • Ability to split captured files (for use of PLCLoggerLight)
  • Autocapture function of V0.42 is eliminated, but still usable via Console Parameter "PLCLogger [File] [start]"
  • Last Configuration File is stored and opens automatically at the next program start
  • Trace settings are stored in the configuration file
  • The last 5 Configuration Files, including Traceview settings, can be opened with 1 Mouseclick
  • approved under industrial conditions

New at Version V0.42 (Dezember 2013):

  • Table view of the measured values
  • Stored measured values can be split into multiple files
  • Automatic start a saved configuration
  • Display of measured Values in Graph-View
  • Scaling of Traces are adjustable

New at Version V0.41:

  • Improved Graph View
  • Height of the Traces are adjustable
  • Display of the Cursorposition in milliseconds
  • Display of Values for Mouseposition
  • Trace colors are adjustable

New at Version V0.40:

  • Siemens S7 Accessible via Ethernet-Interface (e.g. PN-CPUs or CP343/CP443)
  • CoDeSys based PLCs Accessible via Networkvariables (CoDeSys V2) (e.g. CoDeSys RT; ELAU PacDrive M C200/C400/C600)
  • CoDeSys V3 is also working, but without import of Netvork-Configuration

New at Version V0.32:

  • English translation

New at Version V0.31:

  • Siemens S7 Accessible via IBH-Link S7++